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  • sl_valentine_feature

    Simple lighting Valentine

  • prostate_feature

    Prostate Cancer UK

  • tl_web_feature

    Trade Lighting Web Site

  • tl_mail_feature

    Trade Lighting Mail Shot

  • j&mailonsunday_920x340

    J&H Mail on Sunday

  • simpleadven_920x340

    Simple Lighting Advent 2015


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    We create professional logo design for your businesses that efficiently portrays your brand image and business values to customers. Our logo designs are unique, creative and attractive that gives your brand a distinctive identity among your competitors.

  • cloud


    Our creative and commercial experience ensures that we deliver innovative but functional and visually stunning designs, using the most up to date methods available. The design team will approach your project in a unique way to ensure that the site we present to you will be original, eye-catching and most importantly effective.

  • geo


    First impressions are everything! Your website is potentualy first thing potential clients see, and more importantly, it’s also when your potential clients will make a split decision whether to use you or not, and compare you to your competitor’s.

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